Feminist Sonographies of Situated Listening




The installation frames our collective research creation in connection with individual multidisciplinary practices enacting decolonial feminist methodologies in sound. We named these research practices Sono-(soro)rities, understanding the implication of collective thinking in the framework of gender studies and sonic practices situated in the Global South and the political consequences of coloniality. 

The sound installation has three layers of reading, 1) Sonic, 2) Textual and 3) Graphical (conceptual mapping) to allow diverse points of sensory access to the public. The audio is presented through 10 radios amplifying a 54 min soundtrack which introduces the collective statement and each member’s short sound essay. The collective voice is delivered through a voice-over, describing the evolution and principles of the collective while, sonically speaking, weaves the essays of our research-creation. 

Ana Alfonsina Mora and Laura Balboa proposed the selection of the soundtracks in connection to their research practice on sound and music production by women, Queer, transgender and non-binary musicians in the Americas. Their databases are part of their incursion on radio production as Bulla Radio and Minga Radio, both broadcasted at Radio Nopal in Mexico and Radio CAso in Argentina. 

This installation was presented at the group exhibition The Institution of Knowledge, a research-creation exhibition and symposium organized by Geoffrey Rockwell (the Kule Institute for Advanced Study) and Natalie Loveless (the Research-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory). The installation was presented at FAB Gallery at Alberta University, in the Department of Fine Arts. 


The audio can be heard here