• Published Articles 

Virtual Psychogeography as a Feminist practice”. Powidoki (Afterimage) Magazine. Number 05. Poland 2021. Pp. 54-61 (RAC)

“Flaneuse>La Caminata”, Walking as a Person of Color. Sounding Out! Online publication, 2019 (RAC)

“Soundwalk as Political Listening”, Soundwalking through Time, Space, and Technologies. (Routledge 2022) Jacek Smolicki [ed.] (Forthcoming) (COC)

“Walking In Lightness a Soundwalk”. Paper Presentation. Intersections, Art, Media and Technology       Conference Connecticut College. New London, Connecticut, 2017 (CAC) 

“Soundwalks and gender studies”, Paper Presentation, The Global Composition Sound and Media Conference 2018, Darmstadt University, Media Campus. Darmstadt, Germany. (CAC)

  • Academic Work Experience. Conferences and Presentations 

Walking With, an aural essay about collective feminism. Artist Presentation at Sono-Soro[ridades]: Feminist interventions in Sound Art, in the conference Borderline Sonorities 2021 in Brazil.  

Walking With, an aural essay about collective feminism. Artist Presentation at Contested Imaginaries. Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Conference. Concordia University. 

Walking With, an aural essay about collective feminism. Imagining Differently: Research-Creation Practices in Urgent Times Conference. Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, in the School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD). York University. 

Sounding collectivity as a Feminist Practice. Keynote speaker at The Research-­Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory, Art Activism and Global Crisis Series. The University of Alberta.  

Borderline Sonorities Conference 2021, Scientific Committee of the research track 

Augmented Reality and Oral History Workshop. Acts of Listening Lab and CODHS. Concordia University. 

Flâneuse>La Caminata, Artist Presentation. ISEA Montreal, 2020 

Womxn Walk the Walk: A Space and Community for the Framing of Feminist Stories, Feminist Spatial Stories: the 7th Annual Emerging Scholars’ Symposium. Concordia University. Canada. *Presented by Veronica Mockler | M.A. Concordia Student (COF)

The Sound Walk as a Feminist Practice, Artist Presentation. Center of Oral History and Digital Storytelling. Concordia University. Montreal Canada, 2020 

Soundwalk an Interdisciplinary Approach, Artist Presentation. Mexican Network of Acoustic Ecology. Fonoteca National of Mexico. Mexico City, 2019 

Flâneuse>La Caminata, Artist Presentation, RE:SOUND Media Conference 2019, University of Aalborg, Denmark. 

Soundwalks and gender studies, Paper Presentation, The Global Composition Sound and Media Conference 2018, Darmstadt University, Media Campus. Darmstadt, Germany. 

Soundwalks as a Social Practice, Invisible Places Sound Conference 2017. Ponta Delgada University. Portugal.

The soundscape of enclaves, two study cases of the Immigrant Acoustic Territories , FOOT 2017: Sounding the Inner Ear of Performance. University of Toronto, Canada. (COC) * Presented by Amanda Gutierrez and Jenn Grossman

  • Research Activities 

[Scientific Committee of Borderline Sonorities 2021 Brazil]. Research track development: Sono-Soro[ridades]: Feminist interventions in Sound Art, reserach in collaboration with Dr. Gabriela Aceves-Sepúlveda and Dr. Freya Zinovieff.

[Scientific Committee of REA Conference  2021 (Mexican Network of Acoustic Ecology)]. Research track development: Sono-Soro[ridades]: Producción sonora y prácticas colectivas feministas

[PULSE ResearchAssistantship 2020-2021 (Performative Urbanism Lab for Spatial, Social, and Scenographic Experimentation)], working for Dr. Shauna Janssen on the project “Digital Performativity of Public Space: Scenographic Approaches to Augmented Reality and Place-based Storytelling.” 

[Visiting Scholar at Acts of Listening Lab (ALLAB) Fall 2019], appointed by Dr. Luis Sotelo Castro, in connection with the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling: CODHS at Concordia University.

  • Artist Catalogues


By Radius (Editors Jeff Kolar and Meredith Kooi), Design by Nick Ferreira,

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Ethan Rose, Kristen Roos, Amanda Gutiérrez

Chicago, IL, self-published, 2015

Poemas Tonales de Edificios: Ciudad de México

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Proyecto realizado a través del Programa de
Apoyo a la Producción e Investigación en Arte
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Artist Video Catalogue

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Video Experimental en México,

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