Opacity, VR Soundwalk


This virtual installation reflects upon the embodied experience of  Walking as a Woman of Color. These walks were documented using a 360 camera and binaural sound recordings of our journeys. This virtual piece was developed in collaboration with artist Anne-Audrey Remarais. This installation is part of the collective exhibition “Sound Becomes Site: Symphony for the Metaverse”, curated by the media and interdisciplinary artist Matthew Gantt. A modular pavilion constructed on the occasion of The Wrong Biennale, gathers artists, musicians, art collectives, and architects into the mythopoeic realm of Mozilla Hubs. The pavilion officially opens November 18, 2021, and will include scheduled events and performances, workshops, and talks throughout the duration of @thewrong.biennale.

Blurring the boundaries between site, sound and experimental media installation, links a series of virtual 3D architectural environments via the platform of Mozilla Hubs. Like a vast spatial montage composed of modulated fragments, sound and sculptural works lay the groundwork for a utopian structure that eschews any pretense to compartmentalized separation.

Architecturally, this horizontal pavilion is a rondure of termless play, where bodies have a cartoon-like buoyancy and where sounds physicalize into three-
dimensional space. Functioning as both an archive and a series of stadiums or listening booths, reverses the trend of corporate interconnectedness. Rather than upload consciousness into the virtual, humanizes virtuality. The viewer becomes a listener, who then negotiates her own relationship to space through sound.

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Exhibition reviews, Creme Guides Berlin.

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