Pilsen Derivas



Pilsen Dérive (drift), is a generative and collective project which aims to activate a critical review of the historical and urban development of the Pilsen neighborhood, through walk journeys as main research. The project will work as a collaborative process where participants can contribute portraits and media essays that explore the development of Pilsen´s buildings. The UIC Maker Space studio at MANA will served during three months as a hub for group reviews, discussions, and artwork production.

Buildings were selected can be a participant’s own house, or a particular building that they find meaningful in the neighborhood. Workshops will focus on digitally mapping Pilsen and the buildings of interest using an open source application, which feeds photo, video and sound via the Google Maps platform and open source applications. Once the buildings were selected, participants will develop the oral history profile of the building, fed by the collective memory of the neighbors, habitants, users. The collective data will be discussed in the studio, and will inform creative outputs such as a sound, video or photo essays.

To see more about the ongoing process visit the blog 

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