Sono(soro)ridades is an ad-hoc group of feminist sound artists, activists and scholars interested in investigating sound’s affective and political dimensions. We organize public and academic activities to foster the development of exchange networks between scholars, activists and artists across the Americas and Europe. We also collaborate with other networks interested in developing sorority and solidarity through the sonic in all its dimensions.

The collective started in 2020 on the panel Sono-sororidades at the Red de Ecología Acústica in Mexico. It has evolved into projects that compass academic writing, workshops, artworks, and seminars in festivals, media labs, symposiums and conferences, but most importantly, a circle that opens care, personal connections and friendships with the common interest of approaching and writing our knowledge through intersectional thinking. In that context, the piece aims to trace the diverse lines of research that the members of the collective approach through sound as the medium of departure.

Sono-(soro)ridades members are: 

Victoria Polti 

Amanda Gutiérrez

Freya Zinovieff 

Gabriela-Aceves Sepúlveda

Laura Balboa 

Ana Mora

An archive of previous projects and initiatives can be found here.