In the series of Sono-soro[walks], I tried to approach walking diversity of situated experiences from women and LGBQT+2 persons from the Global South. Sono-soro[walks] aims to be a collaborative and decentralized soundwalk database archiving the recordings of collective night walks. The project’s main goal is to connect intersectional feminist agencies that engage in the political acts of collective listening and sounding. The Sono-soro[walks] invites women, and LGTBQ+2 individuals who will remotely co-create sound Augmented Reality walks with participants from different cities, geolocating the recordings simultaneously in other locations. This project responds to an online score that includes the exercise of listening, aural embodiment, oral narratives, and soundscape recordings. The score aims to activate the exercise of listening and sounding while walking at night in groups. Each walk reflects their geographical and political situation in gendered spaces amid the nocturnal experience of collectivity, sexuality, gender, class, ethnicity, race, and accessibility in the public space. The soundwalk was premiered at Errand Bodies Studio in Berlin in May 2022. The AR soundwalk featured voices and sound recordings from two sound collectives, “I am Not Alone In This Shit” (Istanbul) and “#VIVAS” (Argentina), as well as recordings of collective night walks with women of color in Montreal and NYC. The walk highlighted the interaction between the spatial scenographies with oral histories, inviting the public to listen and discuss their own experiences on the topics spoken by the recordings of participants in the project.

Presented at Errand Bodies Studio in Berlin in May 2022.


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