Paper Noise Exhibition



RUIDO DE PAPEL / PAPER NOISE / BRUIT DE PAPIER, was a collaborative project produced by artist-in-residence Amanda Gutierrez, which displayed an ongoing exhibition that changed weekly and in response of the collectives taking the space. Her artworks elaborate on feminist initiatives and artists who denounce gender violence, using the public space as a forum. The project emphasizes the diverse tactics of socially engaged practices that embrace collage as a tool of resistance. 

Throughout seven weeks of residency, short cut-out animations, a collective map of  CFM collages, and group listening sessions were produced in the gallery — using the space as lab and a collective studio. The short animations were be created day by day and will be exhibited as video projections in the form of an audiovisual palimpsest, changing weekly as the exhibition evolved.

The artist produced these animations and short videos acting as a visual archive of the feminist collages found throughout Montreal. In collaboration with Collages Feministes Montreal and Womxn Walk the Walk, Amanda Gutierrez explored ongoing modes of inclusion, creation, enunciation, and documentation in the making of this archive using the gallery as a lab. Engaging the gallery as a maker space opened a dialogue around the collage as a collective method that expands the project’s authority and authorship with its participants. 

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