Third Ear Radio



Through an intimate space of deep listening (Oliveros), the project Third Ear Radio opened an experience of radio tuning, creating a third space for inter-subjective listening. The deep listening sessions initiated a space for feedback, dissonances and diverse ways of perceiving sound about the radio as an instrument of group synchrony. As a conclusion of these three sessions, this project concluded with the presentation of a radio walk that dialogue with the territory of Valparaíso. The radio walk was developed based on the experiences of the participants of the workshop and the casual listeners who pass through the public space. This activation was developed through three deep listening sessions, open to the general public and those interested in participating in the radio jam to be presented in the programming of the Tsonami festival, XVII edition.

Presented at Festival Tsonami XVII

Listen the recording here

Project in collaboration with Alexander Castonguay. The participants in the workshop and performers were:

Mil Ángeles
LP Subiabre
aldo lombera
Jorge David García
Ollin Vázquez
Photo: Juan Hoppe
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